Add a Group Member

Last Updated:

June 23, 2021

You've created a group and now you want to add members!

Once you have created your Treehouse Community account, you may want to invite your team members and clients to join a group specifically for your clinic!

  1. Click "View" to open your group
Click "View" to open your Group
  1. Click on "Invite Members" button
Click "+ Invite Members" Button
  1. Select or search the names of Members you would like to add to your Group (Note: Users must have signed up for a Treehouse Community account in order to be shown in this list)
Select or Search for members
  1. Once you have selected all members you would like to add to your group, click the "+ Add" button
Click "+ Add" button
  1. Congratulations - members have been added to your group!
  2. To view all members in your group, click on the "members" tab

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