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Treehouse Medical is a data-driven maternal solution that strives to streamline care and resources for expectant mothers, parents, families and providers alike. Treehouse Medical’s mission is to promote positive parenting and build a stronger level of empowerment among patient needs and goals.

Care that turns childbirth anxieties into pure joy and excitement – exactly how it should be.

For Expectant clients & Families

Protect your Family

Treehouse Medical is a free application for clients available through your healthcare professional. Stay connected to your care team through a secure dashboard designed to follow your needs. Ask your provider today about Treehouse Medical.

Access to resources and information should not be daunting or uncomfortable to navigate. At Treehouse, we decided to make the experience more user-friendly and give you and your little one a solution that can follow you no matter where you go, or when you have questions. 

Track milestones, health records, flag any health concerns, access virtual support groups or resources, and talk to your provider securely from your device no matter where you travel.

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Chat screen between new mother and her registered midwife

Personalized care from Prenatal to Early Childhood.

Prenatal Support
Preparing for Childbirth
Managing Care Plan
Postpartum Care
Lactation & Feeding
Emotional Support
Sleep Management
Mental Health & Behaviour
Healthy Eating
Child Safety
Active Living
Speech & Language
Returning to Work
Infant & Toddler
Early Childhood Milestones