Professionalize your practice
and offer your clients peace of mind

Treehouse Medical works with clinics, sole practitioners, agencies, and health care networks interested in offering their client network an integrative tech solution for the maternal-fetal and early childhood community.

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Who is Treehouse for?

Lactation Consultants
Behavioural Health Professionals
Community Health Workers
…and more!
Lactation Consultants
Nurse Educators
Prenatal/Postpartum Experts
Sleep Therapists
Parenting Coach
Behavioural Health Professionals
Community Health Workers
…and more!
For Maternal Health Providers

Stay Connected

Offer your clients peace of mind while you support them during their care. The only care management tool that allows for secure two-way dialogue between you and your client’s needs while allowing you to actively care and communicate with your provider team.

Track client’s along their care journey and maximize resources for your team.

Communicate virtually, support them with virtual peer groups, webinars, videos and offer a comprehensive clinical experience in person and remote. 

Finally, stay connected with your team no matter how big or small. 

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The Treehouse Community

Connect, empower, inform and educate your community while you widen your platform and grow beyond your practice’s reach.

Driven by community. The Treehouse Community is designed to help maternal health providers stay connected with their clients, while being able to connect together across boundaries in a safe and secure space to grow and provide exceptional care no matter where they live/practice.

Offer tangible value by connecting members, and providing access to certified experts.

Empower your clients to become more informed and educated about maternal-fetal and early childhood topics via authentic conversations and resources.

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Personalized care from conception to childhood.

Healthy Pregnancy
Preparing for Childbirth
Managing a Birth Plan
Discharge for Hospital
Postpartum Care
Lactation & Feeding
Infant to Toddler
Support for Mom
Early Childhood Milestones
First Aid
Emotional & Mental Health
Sleep Therapy
Speech & Language
Returning to Work