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A better Experience

Being a parent is difficult and parenting a sick child is even more challenging. Getting information and help should not be a daunting and overwhelming experience.

Access at your fingertips

At Treehouse Medical, we decided to make that experience more user friendly and provide trusted evidence-based resources to Canadians with children. We provide a 24/7 pediatric delivery service. Injury happens everywhere and we believe you and your little ones deserve access at your fingertips!

Meet our Founder
Meet our founder

Julia Slanina

Founder & Chief Executive Officer

Growing up in a medical family, I was privileged to always have medical advice and resources at hand. After leaving my government position, and settling into a semi-rural family-oriented community I was surrounded by a high population of moms and dads who had similar difficulties.

After my son was born, I felt overwhelmed and confused by the vast amount of medical information that existed around me. Self-curating all the content could easily lead to poor health choices and lending itself to more harm than good.

I noticed there was a serious gap in care and patient oriented education specifically in children. I designed Treehouse Medical with the intent to promote positive parenting, streamline pediatric health information and build a stronger degree of engagement in the Canadian medical network.

Welcome to Treehouse Medical!

I am a mother, entrepreneur, and passionate about improving community healthcare for children and families across Canada by bringing together trusted and expert resources.