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Nurturing the Future,

A digital care management platform designed to help Maternal Care Providers support their clients through an accessible and innovative community.

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Allied Maternal Health Providers Midwives Doulas Lactation Consultants Speech Language Therapists Childbirth Educators

Treehouse Medical empowers providers and clients alike. Midwives, doulas, and lactation consultants follow their clients throughout their care journey, while clients, like new and expecting parents, or families with infants get a personalized dashboard to link with their care team. Clients are able to link their health records, track milestones, access resources and receive ongoing support from their provider no matter where they are.

Nurturing the Future, Together.

An innovative health care portal designed to serve the needs of mothers, families and providers in the maternal and children’s health space. 

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For Care Providers

Keep Connected

Offer the gift of connected virtual care and support to your clients and staff alike.

Manage clients along their journey and maximize the resources of your team.

Communicate virtually through peer groups, webinars and videos alongside a comprehensive care experience in person and online.

Connect, educate and maintain a virtual connection with all your clients in a single place.

See how Providers benefit from Treehouse
Examples of components from care provider portal
Examples of components from care provider portal
Chat between a registered midwife and her patient
Chat between a registered midwife and her patient
For Expectant Clients & Families

Support your Family

Whether you're expecting, a new parent, or a seasoned guardian, staying connected with your care team should not be challenging.

A user-friendly solution that provides easy access and information right at your fingertips.

Track milestones, health records, flag any health concerns, access virtual support groups, and talk to your provider securely from your device no matter where you travel.

Join the Treehouse Community as an expectant, new or seasoned parent. Get access to verified experts, reliable resources, and one-to-one support.

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Planting Seeds for the Future


More than just software, Treehouse Medical is laying the foundation for a community committed to nurturing the future, together.


We believe integrity, compassion and innovation are crucial in accelerating the world's journey to a more sustainable and accessible healthcare system. And this starts in the areas of maternal, women's and reproductive health.


Join us as we embark on this mission and provide technology built for maternal health providers to support and fuel resilient families and communities for the future.


See what Treehouse Medical Offers

An extensive platform that focuses on all maternal and child health needs.

Security & Data Protection

Stay Secure

Treehouse Medical has state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption throughout the platform.

When using Treehouse, you're using a platform that has been built from the ground up for handling sensitive medical information. Unlike consumer platforms, we adhere to rigorous standards to ensure that it can be used legally for clinical purposes.

"Treehouse Medical is a fantastic resource for both clients and [providers] because it allows us to correspond in a HIPAA & PHIPA compliant manner. It gives us the opportunity to run programs and keep databases online, plus it's a great way to network!"

- Melissa
Speech Language Pathologist


The Treehouse Medical Platform

An extensive platform that focuses on all maternal and child health needs


Stay connected with your care team via instant messagings, notifications and much more.


Offer your clients a two-way communication tool. Allow for open and transparent communication between the care team and your client.

Multi-way Video Conferencing

Secure virtual telehealth calls that allow you to upload images, documents, sounds and much more.

Virtual Support Groups

Peer-to-Peer support groups with families going through the same things.

Care Plans

Give your clients assigned and personalized access to their care plans. Focused plans that help clients and the team stay on track.

Patient Management

Manage your chart, update milestones, flag items for your care team, the list goes on.

Care Team Management

Communicate with your team, collaborate with your clients, and minimize provider burnout with team resources.


Share educational resources, webinars, and videos on topics most relevant to your clients needs.


Integrate smart stethoscopes, dopplers, non-contact thermometers and other peripherals for your clients needs.

HIPAA & PHIPA Compliant

Store your information with peace of mind.

Security & Data Protection

Treehouse Medical has state-of-the-art end-to-end encryption throughout the platform.


Eliminate the use of multiple platforms like Facebook, Zoom, Podia, Instagram.

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